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Little Dancers

Mitcham Dance has a reputation for delivering quality dance programs that inspire, elevate and bring dance to life in your little one.

You can be confident that your child will learn correct technique in a creative and enjoyable way, with an instructor that will engage and uplift their motor skills and listening abilities.

We have developed our young ones program with the following things in mind:

  • Young students respond best to creative learning environments with lots of stories, props and games.
  • By nurturing their imaginations, teachers encourage students to learn the foundations of ballet technique in a fun way.
  • Themed Angelina activities will introduce your child to ballet terms and some of the beautiful etiquette of being a dancer.

Classes will include some Angelina themed activities, like dance terminology and dance etiquette. Students will be able to earn ‘little stars’ stickers and incentives for great dancing and dancer like behaviour.

Young Dancers

With structure, friendship and a strong focus on technique and performance, all Mitcham Dance students are encouraged, nurtured and supported in their dance pursuits.

Classes conducted at Mitcham Dance have specialist teachers who only teach the style they are experts in.

For school age students, these classes have everything in them that will foster a strong sense of joy, self belief and confidence in their abilities.

Every year Mitcham Dance holds a mid year demonstration day and an end of year concert. While the Mid year demonstration is an opportunity for the students to develop their performance skills on stage, the end of year production provides an outstanding opportunity for them to excel in costumes and a professional performance setting.

RAD Classical Ballet

Mitcham Dance Classical ballet is trained by the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. Classes are arranged according to age groups set by the RAD. Classes are structured and highly educational in an enjoyable atmosphere. Exams are available for students wishing to focus on a direction and these students must attend a minimum of 2 classes per week to participate in official examinations. Vocational exams are offered to students over the age of 11 and these students must attend a minimum of 3 classes per week to be eligible for vocational examinations. Vocational Exams also include the use of Pointe shoes, with a strong focus on technique.


Our dynamite jazz classes are targeted to all age groups and abilities. Divided into age appropriate classes, our staff are trained and up to date in all things Jazz and funky in styles that age appropriate. Students engage in the technical understanding and performance skills that carry through into their daily lives. Self belief and confidence is built in these dynamic classes.

Glenn Wood Tap

Our preferred Tap syllabus is the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus and a great way to explore rhythms and tap techniques in a current and relaxed style, that only the GWT syllabus can offer. Age and ability creates the Mitcham Dance Tap classes, we offer Tap classes and jazz classes together in one, until students have a competent understanding of rhythm and musical awareness.


These classes are a popular way to dance. With challenges in creativity and using both sides of the brain, students are encouraged to broaden their movement vocabulary and body awareness.  This style uses natural movement and use of the floor to encourage an expanded awareness of space shape and form.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes are for students who like to keep up with the latest film clips. This popular form of dance involves popping, Krumping, locking, funk and some simple break dance moves. Classes are for all age groups from ages 5 and up.

Glee club

Sing dance Act in one class. These classes are the best fun for those who want to be all rounders. Songs are chosen from the musical theatre shows and the Glee TV shows.

Private Tuition

One on one or small group sessions are available to all students at additional cost. These classes allow students to develop their skills at their own pace or to extend their technique.

SACE Dance

Study Dance - Discover your direction with SACE dance studies. Year 11 & 12 dance and Creative Arts.

SACE Dance offers students the opportunity to study dance in a dynamic environment as a school subject. With the support network of staff and our facilities in our city location, it is possible to achieve outstanding results within the focus group of SACE dancers.

We are proud to be the largest private provider in South Australia and are committed to the success of each student. Carefully focused theory sessions provide the essential background information to support this subject. Composition and choreographic workshops sustain the necessary tools for dance development and valuable performance and stylistic elements to drive success in the performance arena.

Classes are divided into separate Stage 1 an Stage 2 groups to ensure all students have the best opportunity to achieve their best.

Students studying SACE with us are expected to attend 3 compulsory SACE subject hours and an additional minimum of 2 technique classes per week to support their studies.

Students will participate each week in

  • 1 hour theory per week
  • 1 hour choreographic workshop per week
  • 1 perfromance preparation session per week
  • 2 technique classes per week ( as a minimum)

Mitcham Dance / Gravity Dance also offers Creative Arts which is a SACE course that gives the students an exciting opportunity to study their favourite subject and excel at it.

For further information about SACE dance or SACE Creative Arts Dance, please jump on it now and contact the course coordinator on 82122999 or at