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You may not be aware that of the 30,000 dance studios across Australia, only 10% of those have staff who are suitably qualified to deliver those classes. We are among those studios doing our best to ensure our students are in the safest and most ethical environment possible. Rest assured, you are in safe hands with us.

While we do trade as Mitcham Dance and Gravity Dance our company is Empowerdance, and true to our name we are certainly imprinting empowerment to the many. 

All of our classes are designed to EMPOWER students to work toward their best self. With the support and encouragement of our approachable, qualified and experienced teachers, students will train in strong techniques to create a life-long appreciation of dance.

All classes are quality assured and incorporate elements of technique with artistic expression, creativity, performance, musicality, spatial awareness, co-operation and coordinated movement qualities.

Class lengths are based on age, genre, age, content and range from 30-90 minutes.

The following genres are offered at our studios:


ROYAL ACADEMY OF DANCE (RAD) Ballet classes train students in the fundamental techniques designed by the RAD Classical Ballet syllabus. An important training foundation class for all other styles.


A structured jazz class if your child wants to have some funky fun and is wanting to learn technique that will provide strength, stamina and an understanding of their body.


Based on developing your child’s sense of rhythm and timing following the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus. This style explores the roots of tap through to the most modern techniques taught across the globe.


A wonderful class for the all-rounder. Perfectly balanced fusion of jazz & funk, tap & rhythm and song & dance for ages 2-5.


 A creative class based on pedestrian movements involving floor rolls, falling and recovering, travelling combinations, spatial awareness and dynamic exploration.


If your child loves to sing and dance. A general musical class based on the TV show Glee.


A fun film-clip type up-to-date dance style, perfect for learning moves for the school disco.


If your child is wanting to learn all the tricks, flips and become flexible enough to do the splits and strong enough for handstands, this class is for them. **Please note that your child must be doing at least one Ballet or Jazz class if they wish to enrol in AcroDance- this is for their technique and safety.


These classes have been formulated specifically to nurture your child’s early dance development. Crafted by our team of early childhood specialists, this class is bound to have your little mover grooving and smiling as they dance to their favourite tunes and explore the use of props and imaginary exercises. 

INFINITY PERFORMANCE TEAM- Development, Junior and Senior Teams

Our infinity program is specifically designed for the “seriously in love with dance” dancer. Entry is by audition only and dancers in Infinity are required to attend a minimum of 3 dance styles per week, and participate in all Empowerdance events and required competitions. These dancers have the opportunity to compete individually also, in solos arranged privately with the infinity staff. 


Exams are offered in RAD Classical and GWT Tap from 6 years and above. Age restrictions apply and students must attend a minimum of 2 classes per week to participate in the classical exams. Holiday classes are held for both genres, and are an additional cost. 


Private lessons are to be arranged with the office. 

RAD Classical Ballet

Mitcham Dance Classical ballet is trained by the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. Classes are arranged according to age groups set by the RAD. Classes are structured and highly educational in an enjoyable atmosphere. Exams are available for students wishing to focus on a direction and these students must attend a minimum of 2 classes per week to participate in official examinations. Vocational exams are offered to students over the age of 11 and these students must attend a minimum of 3 classes per week to be eligible for vocational examinations. Vocational Exams also include the use of Pointe shoes, with a strong focus on technique.

Glenn Wood Tap

Our preferred Tap syllabus is the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus and a great way to explore rhythms and tap techniques in a current and relaxed style, that only the GWT syllabus can offer. Age and ability creates the Mitcham Dance Tap classes, we offer Tap classes and jazz classes together in one, until students have a competent understanding of rhythm and musical awareness.

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